We are a group of professional experts that combine forces when we need to. We operate from our own working space across the globe. We exchange expertise where we can through the Internet and where we must face to face. We have joint customers as well as our own clients we provide service for. Most important: we all believe work should be fun and decent human contact is essential when you want to be a strong brand. And that is exactly why we stand out. We deliver through our interaction; it is more fun, bigger and stronger.

Anneke van der Schaaf

Entrepreneur & Brand Expert Anneke van der Schaaf was born in the Netherlands and lived in the United States and Costa Rica. She has a degree in Business Administration and a major in Corporate Communication. She continued her education at Yale University and the University of Geneva and is currently finishing a master in Public Administration. She specializes in making complicated ideas easy for anyone to understand and communicate and worked for several international brands and is the author of a study book and hundreds of articles. Anneke is dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion and a specialist on how D&I is related to innovation.

Don Halbert

Modest Marketeer Don Halbert was born and raised in Canada. He started his first business at the age of twelve programming. By fourteen he earned a small business grant from the government and setup his first custom programming and consultation company. By 2000, and in less than one year, he took a $1500 startup to a value of over $3 million and was featured on CNN during Superbowl Weekend. Don lives in Costa Rica and in 2015 was rated the highest earning SEO consultant in the world.

Ton Hilderink

Lyrical Jesse James Ton Hilderink was born and raised in the Netherlands. Ton operates from France nowadays, where he is devoting his life to writing and the good French life in la France provende. His background in journalism provides him with the tools to write about almost every subject in a close to poetic manner with the appropriate, sharp edge.

Margriet van der Let

Margriet van der Let is an allround photographer and an outdoor lover that makes you feel at ease in front of the camera. Her experience ranges from being a professional wedding photographer to being often on the road as an adventurer photographing nature and outdoor events.

Jeroen Dijkstra

Videographer Jeroen Dijkstra is a dedicated, professional cameraman. Although young of age he has worked for a wide range of respectable clients which include a national soccer team and several highly regarded educational foundations and national retailers.

Martine van de Merwe

Martine van de Merwe is a registered IT auditor (RE) and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). She is also a registered Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe (CIPP / E) at IAPP. Martine has extensive experience when it comes to information security for health care institutions, security providers, hosting companies, software providers, network providers, IT services, civil engineering and automotive.

Sjouke van der Schaaf

Sjouke van der Schaaf is our golden ager business consultant, a marketing concept mastermind par excellence, a revenue-bringer that can achieve the maximum with minimal resources. He is a thinker, a doer and a real opponent of organizational waste. He is the inventor of Net Entrepreneurs Luck, an excellent marketing planner, an acquisition pit-bull, strong in advertising, finance, funding, tax, investment, efficiency, automation, IT staff, HRM, ERP, CRM and legal advice.