How to kill your brand in 1 easy step

A trustworthy brand image takes years, and years and years to build. We all know it’s very easy to kill it too. All the energy spent on being that specific brand the people like, know, want, trust and be associated with, just like that, gone in just matters of no time, basically. 

What makes a strong brand different from any other brand; how come strong brands withstand the storm everybody else gets torn apart by? The answer is authenticity. Brands engaging on a human level build trust. Getting acquainted with people, getting to know your customers so they know you and will come back to you. 

Here at Sustainable Organization, we refer to them as ambassadors or human touch points and it is one of the core keys as to what makes a strong brand. Every employee is an ambassador of your brand. Your people being genuinely in line with your organization's values about how they treat customers and what it is your brand stands for. Putting up a charade, or a show is something that won't last too long anymore in this digital era. Because no matter how digitized we all are at the moment, we still need human contact, maybe more than ever. Therefore you need to educate your people about your brand. 

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Or as Hearst Magazines' Joanna Coles put it so eloquently during her interview at Forrester's Consumer Marketing 2017 event: 'To educate every touch point of your brand to behave like a decent human being, not to behave like an asshole'.

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