My 2017 Challenge

Here's the thing: In the middle of writing a book about sustainable organization, the holidays, and the exorbitant consumerism going on during the darkest days of our year, I stumble upon Jenna Lyons' pictures on Pinterest. For those of you that don't know her: This woman is the absolute empress of breaking style rules in the most fashionable way. Ever. Besides that I've reached the point where I can honestly say when it comes to my wardrobe: I have everything. Of course there is always room for another black dress and a pair of heels, but the amount of slavery still existing because of our fashion industry and the way we consume, is something I no longer want to ignore when it comes to my own wardrobe.

So, I decided to not buy any more clothes for the rest of 2017...

For anyone who knows me, I own a walk in closet and my mother sometimes calls me Imelda (remember her?) when I buy a new pair of shoes. I simply luuv shoes. Something I picked up on while I was studying and working in Amsterdam’s most high-end shoe store, Shoebaloo. By the way my managers back then are among the very who totally grasp the concept that having fun is the most important part of your job. We worked our asses off, but boy we sure did laugh a lot together. We looked great, worked hard and had loads of fun.

Ok. But this is 2017 and the world is a mess, so I decide to play my part and resist the temptation of shopping for the rest of the year. I'm so curious to how this will work out. I read 2 articles of women who've done the same and they are much happier, have a totally changed view on their garments, so called fashion and trends and what they do buy is manufactured sustainably. And that is what I want: Reduce my footprint.

So hello 2017! Here's to looking great, working hard and having fun! Bye, bye to shopping and fashionista consumerism.