Remember being off line? Not checking your mobile device every other second? Not responding to mails all the time?

Luxury isn't free wifi and a 5 star hotel anymore. 

Luxury is being off line. No devices, no full agenda.

Spare time without being on constant stand by is a challenge. As a leader you know it is important to keep a clear head. You need to see things from an open perspective and make strong decisions for the sake of your organization. You also know you need time to reflect. 

You want go off line and do just that? Come to 48 Hours Unplugged retreat. 

We welcome you at a superstar location from Thursday 5 pm and are pleased to have you with us till Saturday 5 pm. We believe food is for the soul so we provide great meals prepared by a top notch chef. Of course we will take you outdoors, but we don't just go out and engage in some activity for a few hours. We want you to resonate with nature and yourself. This retreat needs to stick for a while. Naturally we take our chef along, making sure you will be well fed and up for the challenge.

If you want we can also take our 48 Hours Unplugged to you, so it is easier to take your team along.