During our lives there are many times we have to bid farewell due to all sorts of reasons. To loved ones, when they die or when a relationship ends. We have to let go of people in our professional lives very often as well. The hardest part is when someone no longer fits your organization. How do we give those who we have to let go for not the nicest reasons a proper goodbye that benefits your organization and the person leaving. We turned that event into a method. We believe there is too much emotional waste created that lingers on way too long in your organization when people get fired. Not handling your goodbyes in a professional manner does not benefit your company culture and costs too much valuable time and therefor money. 

Everybody dreads goodbyes. Still, the only sure thing in life is our final goodbye. It is your job to make sure what happens before that is good, and our job is to get you there. That's why we created G.O.O.D.B.Y.E.. The method to help you let go of the people your organization no longer needs in a proper fashion.

G= Genuine
O = Optimistic 
O = Original 
D = Dignified
B = Balanced
Y = Yummy
E = Encourage