Successful strategies fit on a A5 piece of paper! Communication and listening is key for great relationships. Our method strategically positions your brand, by consistently communicating the message your stakeholders crave, using the right tone of voice and images through the proper media channels.

We help you improve your relationship with your stakeholders by using our in-house developed A5 method©. This method gets its name from the fact that it fits on an A5 size paper. We believe successful strategies don't need to be complicated. The method is specially designed to clarify your external as well as your internal strategy in a few steps. We take you through the decision-making process of your target audience. During the first steps we map out the main motivations of your target audience for choosing your service or product. This is the essential part of the method because it is the basis for the creative process to come. The trick is to give the answers your stakeholders crave as clearly as possible. It is the core for the corporate message of your company. Using the A5 method© you are able to make the right choice in media to reach your stakeholders  the best way possible. We help you communicate the information your audience wants. Using the right tone of voice, and appealing images through the suitable channels. At the end of the session all the ideas and information you need to determine your strategy are on the table. You will receive a readymade briefing which you can use to implement your strategy.The method also reveals wether an internal branding process is needed. We believe when you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your customers. Employees being ambassadors are key for the success of your organization. Creating ambassadors is part our method to become a stronger brand. A strategic session with the A5 method© takes ONLY ONE HOUR. It gives everyone involved in communicating with your stakeholders more time and creative space to be unique. And that's what a strong brand is all about, knowing who you are and what you stand for, and communicating just that.